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Automated Truck Loading Solutions

Automated Truck Loader

The Challanges Nandan GSE were given the task of automated loading of the cement gunny bags into trucks of different sizes for India’s leading cement company who was concerned about the health effects on the loaders . Client: ACC Cements Location: Panvel, Mumbai Product Class: Telescopic Conveyor Type: Highly customized The Solution NANDAN GSE  aimed [...]
Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor makes handling packages easy

The Challanges Nandan GSE  was reached by client for  tires handling requirement with  manpower availability  problem. Using that available manpower to do a mundane job like loading and unloading of trucks and wagons was an unfair waste of resources. Client: Mahindra and Mahindra Location: Zahirabad Andhra pradesh Product Class: Telescopic conveyor Type: Highly customized The Solution Nandan GSE designed [...]