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Green Tribunal acts: Bans diesel vehicles over 10 years old in Delhi

In an order with wide-ranging ramifications, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) Tuesday passed a series of stringent directions aimed at curbing air pollution in Delhi, banning all diesel vehicles more than 10 years old from plying in the National Capital Region, and sought an immediate stop to all illegal construction activity. ALSO READ: Colour-coding for […]

Indian Aviation Industry 30 years behind US??

India’s aviation industry is 20-30 years behind the United States and other western nations, believes US envoy Timothy Roemer. Roemer made these comments after a visit to the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd’s plant in Bengaluru, in a secret cable that has been released by WikiLeaks. Incidentally, the US administration has recently launched a concerted and aggressive […]

Change leader, change thyself

Article|McKinsey Quarterly Anyone who pulls the organization in new directions must look inward as well as outward. http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/leading_in_the_21st_century/change_leader_change_thyself March 2014 | byNate Boaz and Erica Ariel Fox Leo Tolstoy, the Russian novelist, famously wrote, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Tolstoy’s dictum is a useful starting point for any executive […]

100 years of Indian Aviation

The Indian aviation industry turned exactly a century old yesterday. Since the first 10-km flight from Allahabad to Naini, the sector holds the distinction of being the fastest growing and the 9th largest in the world today EXACTLY a century ago, when India’s first commercial flight took off for Naini from Allahabad, not many who witnessed […]