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Tower Car Parking System

Tower parking System

Tower Car Parking System

The Challanges

Nandan GSE was asked to design and manufacture the tower car parking system for 20 cars and to provide operation and maintenance with ease.

Client: Gurudev

Location: India

Product Class: Tower Parking

Type: Highly customized

The Solution

Nandan GSE Pvt Ltd came up with parking system solution with single entry/exit module serving multi level of parking. The users park directly on to the hydraulic lift platform in the entry/exit module and as soon as the user has left the entry/exit module and confirmed everything is in order the lift is lowered to the parking level in the basement. The loaded pallet is then parked in the system and an empty pallet is placed on the lift platform before the lift is raised to the ground floor ready to accept another vehicle. Structural integrity was maintained in the basement for parking system. Entry and exit was granted via pass cards provided to each of the users by NANDAN Parking System

Key results

  • Nandan GSE successfully designed and manufactured and installed the Tower Parking with fully covered especially for extreme hot and cold areas design according to the user requirements with parking positions for full requirements with parking positions for full SUVs and sedans.