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Double Scissor Car Lift

Car scissor lift for Basement parking

Double Scissor Car Lift

The Challanges

Nandan GSE was contacted to provide underground parking that could be installed within a very confined location with ease access. The Car Lift unit has a 7000mm lift stroke and a 4000Kg capacity. This was for a leading industrialists house in Juhu, a posh area of Mumbai. The building was designed by Hafiz Contractor and aesthetics and reliability were if paramount importance.

Client: Ajay Arora

Location: Juhu, Mumbai

Product Class: Scissor Car Lift

Type: Premium Standard

The Solution

The Nandan lift platform ensured vehicles are raised, lowered, stored and parked with absolute safety, security and peace of mind. Nandan car lift platform is exceptionally robust and reliable lifting product. Installed in days by our highly qualified team of installation engineers. The painting was polyurethane and there was a safety railing barrier that blended with the overall look of the house

Key results

  • Nandan has provided the scissor car lift and it is performing reliable thus saving space for the client as well as keeping the aesthetics and safety up. The client till today continues to give the AMC to us and our service team maintains it.