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Lifting Times – April 2017 Edition

Wish you all a Great New Financial Year of 2017-18. I pray and hope it will be the greatest & most profitable year for all! Also there is a slinking feeling that this may be the last financial year to begin on 1st April! India may change to a “1st January to December 31st” accounting system next year, making it easier for all businesses.

Recently, we were in discussions with a client that one of their factories was facing a challenge of efficient dispatch of material, and proper material handling was a severe bottleneck. Promptly, we sent an application engineer to the factory, nearly 1000 km (620 miles approx) away. He studied the material flow, status of the current equipment, if any, & the dispatch process. We then recommended some small material handling equipment for improvements, namely: 3 nos x Scissor Lifts, a Stacker, 2 nos x Electric Tuggers, 5 nos x Trollies and a Goods Lift.

The impact was immediately evident! The same factory, with the same task force, has managed to produce & dispatch 40% more than than its regular output! We, at Nandan, are delighted to increase efficiency, and in fact, we are hoping that in no time the factory shall be managing upto 70% more output.

It just shows that a small investment in the right equipment, transformed to a tremendous improvement in output, boosting employee morale, while improving safety standards! In fact, if the factory maintains a higher output consistently, the investment cost is actually paid back, many times over!

All in a days work for Nandan! The reason I narrated this story is, because every factory has some areas of improvements where Nandan can contribute to improving. All we need is a 24-hour appointment at your factory.

– Raghunandan Jagdish, CEO & MD, Nandan Group

Headlines from India

Navi Mumbai Airport gets green nod, work commencing soon

The Govt. is aiming for the first flight to take-off by 2019 end. Crucial Stage II Forest clearance granted by Union Ministry. Read More


India’s 1st modern Waterway gets World Bank approval

$375 million loan approved to start development of National Waterway – 1, a 1360 km fairway connecting Varanasi & Haldia seaport. Read More


Material Handling & Movement – New Tech

Meet GE’s Otto: Materials movement within industries
Self-driving warehouse robot made & used in-house by GE, Ottos operated 24/7 by rapid-charging themselves between tasks. Read More


Tata Brabo, 1st Made-in-India Industrial Robot by TAL

Brabo can be used for tasks like pick & placement of materials, camera & vision based jobs etc


Featured Products from Nandan

 Battery-operated Scissor Lift by Nandan

Most efficient, economical & safest method for movement & loading of goods for transport. Features an integrated battery charger, ergonomic grip handle & load capacity of upto 25 ton!
 Column Tail Lift
Ergonomic & safe ground-lifting of pallets or roll cages, upto 500 kg – 1500 kg. Much safer & efficient than loading ramps

 Zero Scissor Lift

Can lift upto 10 tons without a pit or ramp. Used for truck loading and customised to your load.

 A Proud moment for Nandan GSE

Mr J C Kumar, Founder, Nandan GSE receiving the award for “Innovation” from Hon. CM, Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis.