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Pace University Industrial Visit Nandan Group India

Industry visit from students of PACE university

16 students from PACE university, New York visited Nandan GSE on 20th Januyary 2016. This wa sa short trip stopover for them. These students of Microfinance, Economics, MBA, etc were led by Professor PV Vishwanath, Professor and Graduate Program chair of the Lubin School of Business.

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This was coordinated as part of the outreach program from the “Small Scale Entrepreneur Association, TTC (www.sseattc.org) and by Mr R Seshan, the CEO.

There was inquisitiveness in the students since most of them visited India for the first time. Also visiting a manufacturing concern from India after coming with preconceived notions from popular media, Bollywood and also the diaspora.

Pace University Nandan Group Visit Trip

There was an welcome and introduction by Raghunandan Jagdish, CEO and then the handover was made to Col KR Acharya, Vice President and Mehboob Ali Khan, Sales Engineer. The students showed keen interest and rapt attention and kept interjecting with questions.

Then there was a factory visit where actual operations were shown to them and also a brief given.

Finally, over some snacks there was a heated Question and Answer session with intellegent questions being fielded by Raghundan Jagdish, Col Acharya, R Seshan. There was a great deal of interest in the aspects of finance, management of workers, skills training, political landscape, etc.

The meeting ended with a farewell snap!