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Catering Titan – Press Release


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Nandan GSE Pvt Ltd based in Mumbai, India is proud to unveil the “World’s Largest Hi Lift” under order from the Ambassador’s Sky Chefs for their operations in Delhi.

The Hi Lift, aptly christened the CATERING TITAN is built on a design under license from Byron Aviation, Australia who has already built 26 such units in successful operations worldwide. Commercially available chassis of Eicher 30.25 has been used and retrofitted with Allison Automatic Transmission and the rear body is cooled using Carrier Supra refrigeration unit that gets the temperature down to 0 degrees under 15 minutes to maintain the strictest HACCP standards for hygiene. The unit can be used to a platform height of 8300 mm and the entire van body can traverse forward to to 4000 mm. There is a uniquely designed platform that helps open up to 3500 mm from 2500 mm.

At the heart of the unit is a specially designed hydraulic system utilizing the state of the art PLC system of Siemens and allows the programming by laptop and the interface is a touch screen which makes the hi-tech system easy to use and prevent unintended mistakes. The unique three stage telescopic cylinders are designed for lift of payload of 3000 kg that is required for the upper deck catering operations. Stabilizers are placed in optimized positions for enduring a wind load of 45 knots at full height and full capacity. The body is designed from LAMILUX FRP sandwich panels of 100 mm thickness and has bi-closing doors and stainless steel trays for holding kettles and cutlery. This vehicle is used specially for the catering for the A380 plane which mandates the placement of the body over the wing for the upper deck operations. Safeties like pilot check valves, mechanical locking device, safety interlocks, etc make the unit suitable for the hi tech operations. The Hi Lift can also be used for the operations on wide body aircraft like the A340, B777, B747, etc also making it a versatile addition to the fleet.

Sir, We wold like to showcase this product to you and would like to take the honour of your visit to our factory in this week if convinient for you. We will be delivering the vehicle shortly. However if you cannot make it we will still send you a detailed video on the presentation of the Hi Lift agt www.liftingtimes.com

Nandan GSE has been at the forefront of the GSE Market in India and is a recognized specialist in Hi Lift vehicles. More than 450 Hi Lifts around Asia and Africa bear the NANDAN name. In addition they also manufacture step ladders, baggage conveyors, Ambulifts, dollies, electric baggage tractors, etc for the Tarmac operations. Economy, high quality and efficient after sales service are the three principles on which the Nandan products are designed. The website can be seen at www.nandan.co.in