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The Future of Car Parking in Mumbai


Some stats that throw light on the reasons for parking space shortage in Mumbai:

  • Mumbai has 15 lakh cars and has parking space for 9000 cars
  • Average vehicular density per square metre here is 591
  • 430 Cars per Km
  • Every day 172 new cars added
  • The time wasted by a Mumbaikar to search parking space, is almost 3 days of a year!

The above figures clearly portray the shortage of parking space in the city. With a majority of the 2000 km roads in Mumbai being less than 20 metres wide, parking on roads has always been a challenge. Designated parking spaces are few, and the ones that exist, are generally located at a distance from the main area.

Despite having the most complex local railway system, along with a fleet of Buses, Autos & Taxis, demand for intra-city transportation is still unmet. The peak hours in mornings & evenings are a near war-like situation in the city, everyday. Every mode of public transportation is jam-packed with people stuffed like cattle & all roads are full, mainly with private cars, company buses, autos & lately, the App Cabs like Ola, Uber etc.

With so many cars on the road, the glaring issue of Car Parking is almost forgotten.

What is the Future of Car Parking?

The future of parking is to take advantage of vertical space, the same way we do with sky rise buildings.

Car Parking systems take advantage of vertical space & can increase parking space by nearly 400 – 500% i.e. in a space of just 2 cars, one can park up to 12 – 16 cars.

The cars are stacked using elevators, lifting devices, and turntables which make such Parking Systems perfect for use alongside high rise buildings.

Vertical space is also utilised efficiently as the cars are boxed in fixed height & width spaces, effectively allowing for more levels to be added.
Nandan’s indigenous car parking systems are developed in-house & can be tailor-made for any housing society, public spaces and even individual bungalows. Our Car Parking Systems range includes our best-seller Rotary Car Parking systems & Car Turntables, specially required in tight turning spaces.

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