Truck Mounted Aerial Lift
Truck Mounted Aerial LiftTruck Mounted Aerial Lift

Truck Mounted Aerial Lift

Nandan offers a variety of Truck Mounted Aerial Lift Work Platforms ranging in height from 6 to 24 meter-with horizontal reaches up to 75 meters.

These lifts are among the largest of their kind and are designed with highest standard of safety and reliability, suited to serve the ever increasing demand for construction needs and building maintenance.

Truck Mounted Aerial Lift save you time and money and provide you with a safe, reliable option for any project that it demands.

Product Description

Whether you’re replacing an electrical insulator, cross-arm brackets, or a cable line, whether it’s a street light, signal light or trimming trees, NANDAN have the equipment you need in a multitude of configurations.

NANDAN offers series of Truck Mounted Aerial Lift suitable for accessing heights from 7m to 70m available in best in class components like the chassis from Tata, Eicher, Ashok Leyland or Bharat Benz to suit a wide range of applications and customer requirements.

All Truck Mounted Aerial Lifting Equipment is manufactured and install to the highest standard of safety and reliability.

The portable truck and trailer mounted platform units are ideally suited to serve the ever increasing demand for construction needs and building maintenance.

ModelTruck GVWMax Working HeightMax OutreachCapacityFRP / SteelRotation (degrees)Remarks
TMA-100T4.5 tons/ 3300WB10.5 m6.3m200 kg280 
TMA-130T4.5 ton/ 2400WB13 m8.7m rear, 7.5m side, 3.5m front200 kg300 
TMA-1807.8 ton/3300WB18.2 m9.5 m250kg/300 kg360 cont 
TMA-2107.8 ton/3300WB21.2 m10.5 m250kg/300 kg360 cont 
TMA-250L7.8 ton/3300WB25m0 m300 kg135Ladder available
TMA-280M9 ton/3800WB27 m12 m250kg/300 kg360 cont 
TMA-280W9 ton/3300WB27 m12m250kg/300 kg360 cont 
TMAA-210J11 ton/4200WB21 m12m250kg/300 kg340 
TMA-320J/370J25 ton GVW32 m15m250kg/300 kg340 
TMA-3209 ton/3800WB32 m15m250kg/300 kg360 
TMA-380T9 ton/3800WB38 m18m250kg/300 kg360 
TMA-45016 ton/4800WB45 m24m250kg/300 kg360 
TMA-51025 ton GVW51 m24m250kg/300 kg360 
TMA-60025 ton GVW60 m22m300 kg360 
TMA-75040 ton GVW75 m24m300 kg360 

Salient Features:

  • High strength alloy steel
  • Wireless controls
  • FRP insulated buckets
  • High levels of customization possible

Application Areas:

Agriculture & forestry, Bridge & under bridge, Broadcasting, Energy supply, Film & media, Highway maintenance, Local authorities, Roofing, Security, Signage, Street lighting, Surveying, Telecommunications etc.